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BIAZZI is exhibiting at the

InformEx Zone at Chicago, IL, USA, taking place from April 30 -May 2, 2019. The Global Home for Custom Chemical Sourcing. Read more...

Please visit the stand of BIAZZI 2519 (see Floorplan - opens new window). It will be a pleasure to Mr. Tettamanti and his team, to discuss with you about your interests and needs and to figure out what BIAZZI can do for you especially in regard of Reaction-Technology and especially in regard of Hydrogenation.

From Explosives to Pharmaceuticals


BIAZZI has built plants for explosives manufacture since 1936. To date more than 250 units have been realized. More than 50% of worldwide Nitroglycerine production uses BIAZZI Technology.

For nitration products such as DNT for TDI and others, BIAZZI built the first plant in 1946. Since then, over 50 plants have been built using BIAZZI technology, the latest currently under construction in China.

The BIAZZI High Performance Reactor System is able to achieve high mass transfer rates in heterogeneous systems, and it also allows very large amounts of heat to be removed. To date BIAZZI has built worldwide more than 70 BIAZZI HIGH PERFORMANCE REACTOR SYSTEMS, predominantly for catalytic hydrogenations.

BIAZZI has a leading position in all the above mentioned fields.


Process guarantees, safe plants in the shortest time to market.

The challenge

Hydrogenation, as one of the typical Gas-Liquid reactions, is characterised by being highly exothermic and mass transfer resistant. An efficient hydrogenation system must therefore include the following features: high capability for heat removal, high rate of gas-liquid mass transfer and efficient gas-liquid-solid mixing.

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